Eagle aircraft inc. is a transport Canada approved maintenance organization facilitating up to 70 ft wide aircraft. Servicing commercial, GA and amateur built aircraft. Eagle aircraft can also help with storage facilities, taxi service, flight permit procurement.   

Our licensed engineers are highly transparent and have spent decades gaining the knowledge of this wide and diverse industry, they lay no claim to knowing everything, but they can find the answer for you through a vast web of business contacts, fellow engineers and a slew of information.  Eagle aircraft also has A&P and IA on staff for your N registered aircraft.

“no aircraft is so tolerant of neglect that it is safe in the absence of an effective inspection and maintenance program”



Routine maintenance, annual inspections, prebuy inspection, imports, exports, major/minor repairs, interior installations, float change facilities, engine changes, STCs, paint, aircraft reweight, NDT support services, mobile repairs/AOG.


Authorized Garmin Installer/Garmin Service categories 1,2,3,4, G1000 service, GFC 700 servo calibration, software updates, databases and issues, all avionics troubleshooting, custom Circuit breaker panels and instrument panels.


Our engineers can repair damaged control services, reskins, float repairs, fuel cell replacement, integral fuel tank repair, paint, float…


We can help guide your build or build it for you, Avionics, autopilots inspections, tech issues, completions, mods, certification guiding.


We have TC approval for a wide variety of aircraft including Caravans, Platus, Robinson and Citations. We have been servicing…