Specialized avionics installations, repair, service and troubleshooting for all avionics manufacturers. Certified STEC service center.

Authorized Garmin Installer/Garmin Service categories 1,2,3,4, G1000 service, GFC 700 servo calibration, software updates, databases and issues, all avionics troubleshooting, custom Circuit breaker panels and instrument panels.

Our tight knit team of salesman/installers/pilots can help you plan and guide you through the steps of achieving your dream avionics package on budget for your aircraft.

AVIONIC projects

Other Services


Routine maintenance, annual inspections, prebuy inspection, imports, exports, major/minor repairs, interior installations…


Our engineers can repair damaged control services, reskins, float repairs, fuel cell replacement, integral fuel tank repair, paint…


We can help guide your build or build it for you.

Avionics, autopilots inspections, tech issues, completions, mods…


We have TC approval for a wide variety of aircrafts.

We have been servicing commercial operators for 40+ years.